I came across this picture on Facebook today and needed to stop a moment and discuss. It’s funny because often times when I meet a new client they come in with the assumption that Midwifery care is just that, some hippie chick with a stick of sage, a bowl and a spoon and she’s just wishing the baby out of you. I’m not going to lie, not only are there places where that is the model of care but I personally happen to own a sage stick, a bowl and spend a good portion of my day wishing babies out. However, for those of you who don’t know, Florida happens to be one of the most difficult states to get a midwifery license in. It consists of a 3 year education as well as being required to attend 75 births and complete 1700 clinic hours. Then of course you need to complete your NARM (which is our version of the board exam). That’s not to say that every midwife in Florida is highly educated and capable of anything. As in all professions there are capable and not capable people who just squeaked by. It is your responsibility to do as much research on your midwife as you would with any care provider.